October 6, 2014
Awesome review and write up from On This Day In Film.  Not everyone is going to love the film, but this guy got it.  Thanks Russell Farnham!delivery/c1wc9


Sept 29, 2014

The Peak – Great review/write up about the film thanks to the thoughttful


Sept 27, 2014

Monsters and Critics – Former MUCH Temp Mark Myers Juggles Life, Death and Comedy in Delivery – By


Sept 26, 2014

National Post – Dad Jokes – By Chris Knight | @ChrisKnightfilm


Sept 26, 2014 review – By Kevin Scott


Sept 26, 2014

Toronto Film Scene  – By Jordan Appugliesi  @JordanApps



Sept 25, 2014

Wylie Writes – By Addison Wylie

wyllie Writes_review_screengrab


April 1, 2014

Below is a review from one of Cleveland International Film Festival’s screeners (those who watch the films and report to the Programmer).  It’s pretty good… surprised we didn’t get in.

“What a beautiful, funny, and all around life affirming film. In so many ways this really is life, death and laughter in between. I loved the freshness of it. A lot of that is due to the editing – the film never drags. It is always moving forward and is always lively. Part of that is also due to the bravery  of the guys (and women) being filmed. I don’t think that the shied away at all from being a tad vulnerable. I think that they were very honest  and open, like most comics they weren’t afraid of making fools of themselves. While I think that their preparations before the show were way funnier than the show itself I couldn’t help but anticipate the show. And I wasn’t disappointed – again not because they were the funniest guys around but because you saw so much of who they were as people and because they just sort of  put it out there. I think that the montages were brilliant and well placed. I loved the interviews with the comedians. I also loved the interviews with their family and friends and those moments when they were showing their real lives and not prepping. I wish there were more of those since they fell of some as the filming went on. Sometimes I think I wanted to see a little more of Mark since this really is his story and his journey but I think that it was smart that he opened it up a little more. All around I can’t imagine an audience not leaving this smiling (even if it is a little raunchy at times ;))”.



Sept 13, 2013

Delivery has had two screenings for test audiences (back in May), and despite the fact the film was a rough cut, with no graphics, no music, and running 10-15 minutes too long, we still received some great feedback on our comment cards.

  • “Amazing.  Touching.  Funny and real.” (Jess H.)
  • “Intelligent, thoughtful, silly, loud, quiet – all at the same time.”   (Lindsay H.)
  • “Great concept.  I wish I thought of it.”  (Andrew)
  • “Laughed the whole time.”  (Sherry)
  • “Truly extraordinary and brave.”  (Brett H.)
  • “Love Bert!  Perfect foursome.”  (Cheryl Ann)
  • “Candid. Funny! Creative.”  (no name)
  • “Inspires you to do something ‘new’.”  (no name)

The film is now just an audio mix from being complete, and will be at film festivals in 2014.  We hope that your experience of the documentary matches or exceeds the comments above.