Delivery is a feature-length documentary from Gemini-nominated producer Mark Myers.

For years Mark had the idea of a documentary that involved a group of friends trying stand-up for the first time;  however, it wasn’t until his impending fatherhood and the timeline of his wife’s due date that set the wheels in motion.

The goal was to make a hilarious and heartwarming documentary following a group of comedically untested friends as they write material, take comedy classes, and interview world-renowned comedians in the hope that they don’t fall flat on their face… before the baby arrived.

So with only two months before his wife was expected to give birth, Mark and co-producer Shane Cunningham started rolling the camera and turned it on themselves, documenting the process of making a film.

They reached out to a few friends to join them on this quest, but found willing participants hard to find due to their fear of public speaking, and fear of not being funny (in addition to the time commitment).

Shane then called an old friend, literally.  He called Bert, who is a 71 year old Dutch man that claims to have “done everything that you possibly could do” – so when asked whether he had ever thought about doing stand up, he simply said “Yeah”, and he was in.

Next they reached out to Sean, a highschool friend of Shane, who had a history of being a class clown.  It was during this phone call that the film took an unexpected turn.  While asking if Sean wanted to be involved in this project, Sean explained that he just found out that his father was dying of cancer and had only months to live.

So what began as an examination of the art and craft of stand-up, quickly became a story about life, loss, hope and regret – as the four men discover more about themselves, and the people around them, than they ever could have expected.



Mark is preparing for the family he’s always wanted, all while trying to learn how to do stand-up and make this movie.

Shane, a seemingly extroverted funny guy, admits his struggle with anxiety and fear of failure.

Bert, a 71 year-old Dutch guy who’s seen and done it all, has an unprecedented confidence – thinking stand-up will be a piece of cake.

Sean learns his estranged father is dying of cancer after agreeing to the challenge. During his countdown to taking the stand-up stage, he’s simultaneously getting to know his father during his final months.

Amidst the chaos of their personal situations, the four take comedy classes, crash Montreal’s Just for Laughs comedy festival, interview world renowned comedians and spend sleepless nights penning punch lines. In this comedic journey towards self-discovery, they find solace in each other and in learning to laugh – discovering more about themselves, and the people around them, than they ever could have expected.



Mark Myers is an award winning writer/producer currently working for Bell Media Agency in Toronto, Canada.  He has directed music videos and promos for artists such as Fun., Lorde, The Arkells, Lights, The Midway State, Rebel Emergency, Serena Ryder, and Sam Smith, as well as clients such as Shell, Koodo, and Pepsi.  Mark is the recent recipient of a gold PromaxBDA award, as well as a Gemini nomination for Best Reality Series (DisBand). For the past year, Mark and co-producer Shane Cunningham, have been working on Delivery –  their first feature-length documentary.

Shane Cunningham is also an award winning writer/producer, having recently won a gold PromaxBDA for his Pretty Little Liars cast promo.  As Shane’s  Michael J. Fox “Teen Wolf” tattoo might suggest, he combines cool with comedy, where he follows a strict lifestyle of never being too serious.  Together with Mark, they have created Shane&Mark Productions, and the pair have work on a number of promos and music videos together, as well as this feature film.

Sean Menard combines cool with comedy (he read this in Shane’s bio and wanted to use it in his).

After attending film school,  he embarked on a career in television and has since become a national television producer for the past three years.  He is the Executive Producer on Delivery, which is Sean’s first feature length film project.


Ryan Sisnett is the Director of Photography, or if you prefer, the Cinematographer.  Ryan is also an accomplished director and editor, creating music videos under the alias “Sinsinnatti”.  He has also shot two short documentaries for the City Life film project, as well as major events/concerts such as Z103’s Summer Rush, and MuchMusic’s MMVAs.


Mark Myers
Shane Cunningham
Sean Menard
Bert van Lierop


Russell Peters
Marc Maron
JB Smoove
Andy Kindler
Bryan Callen
David Alan Grier
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog
Bobby Slayton
Trevor Boris
Darrin Rows